Black bra - Tencel
Black bra - Tencel
Black bra - Tencel
Black bra - Tencel
Black bra - Tencel
Black bra - Tencel
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Black bra - Tencel

Black bra - Tencel

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About the product

A wireless bra to give you a new level of comfort! This soft bra made from TENCEL uses special 3D shaping technology.


In the groin area, the underwear have an integrated 3-layer textile technology that removes moisture from the skin, absorbs it, and prevents leakage.


Absorbent layer

The quick-drying fabric absorbs all moisture for your complete comfort. The layer contains antibacterial silver particles that kill 99 percent of bacteria.


Highly-absorbent substance

The hygienic layer absorbs odours. With a capacity of up to three basic pads, it is suitable for both strong and weak period days.


Impermeable membrane

The membrane does not let moisture through even after 50 wash cycles, and its breathability significantly reduces the formation of odours.


TENCEL is an environmentally friendly and exceptionally soft wood pulp material that is kind to the skin and smooth to the touch. Lyocell is manufactured in Austria in a unique closed-loop control process that limits impact to the envir