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snuggs Trial Product

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We believe every woman should have the opportunity to try period underwear & experience the benefits it brings, to be able to make an informed decision whether to use it as a a primary product, as a backup, or not use it at all and return to their previous period products.

If you are hesitating or have been thinking about period underwear for a while, this product is for you.
Trying out snuggs is easy, risk-free, and now more affordable than ever.
Limited to 1 pair per customer on their first order.

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snuggs Trial Product
snuggs Trial Product
snuggs Trial Product
snuggs Trial Product
snuggs Trial Product
snuggs Trial Product

What will you learn
with Trial?

without much investment

  • Whether the size is right for you
  • How comfortable they are
  • How safe & leak-proof they are
  • How to care for them & wash them

We compared our absorbent layer solutions with other brands.

The most advanced technology on the market


greater breathability


larger absorption capacity


greater membrane impermeability

Not every period underwear really works.

We are science-based
company and a leader in the absorbent layer technology


Quick-drying retentive layer

A specially developed technological solution designed to quickly absorb moisture to keep you dry and comfortable. Contains a special antibacterial layer that eliminates 99% of bacteria.


Highly absorbent layer

Its extra absorbent material allows us to keep the layer thin and unintrusive. You can choose from a variety of options designed for everything from light to very heavy periods.


Leakproof membrane

The hygienic membrane absorbs any unpleasant odors. With a capacity of up to three regular pads, it is suitable for both heavy and light period days.

Made in Europe.

Our period underwear impact on the planet,
compared to tampons and pads

3.5x lower

Environmental impact

Together with environmental scientists, we have performed life-cycle assessment using the Product Environmental Footprint methodology recommended by the European Commission.

Impact categories measured - carbon footprint, ozone depletion, eutrophication, acidification, land use, water consumption, suspended particulate matter, photochemical ozone formation, human health, human toxicity potential, freshwater ecotoxicity, ionizing radiation, consumption of fossil fuels, minerals and metals.

Got some other questions?

Is the underwear hygienic?

Snuggs are made of materials certified by OEKO-TEX and CoolmaxFreshFX standards, which guarantee their health safety. After consultation with gynecologists, the recommended wearing time is 8-12 hours, depending on the strength of your period. In addition, the layer contains an antibacterial treatment, which guarantees a high standard of safety and hygiene.

Are snuggs a good choice for me?

Anyone. The underwear is used by women of all ages and is suitable for both light and heavy flows, or weak urine leaks and other discharges.

How often should I change my snuggs?

1-2 times a day. You can wear one pair of the underwear for 8-12 hours. But it depends on the strength of your period. For heavy flow days, we recommend choosing the models for a heavy or extra heavy period.

Does it really work?

The functionality of the absorbent layer is our number one priority. We develop the underwear with textile engineers, snuggs are worn by tens of thousands of women, who buy more and give us positive feedback.

How do snuggs reduce odor?

The absorbent layer of snuggs underwear contains an antibacterial treatment, which guarantees a high degree of hygiene and at the same time eliminates the formation of unwanted odors.

Can a girl wear snuggs even on her first period?

The underwear is also a great option for girls who are just starting their period. We have received very positive feedback from mothers who have bought the underwear for their daughters.

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Limited to 1 pair per customer on their first order.
Use the code TRIAL at checkout.

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