Waterproof Bag - Green
Waterproof Bag - Green
Waterproof Bag - Green
Waterproof Bag - Green
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Waterproof Bag - Green

Waterproof Bag - Green

A practical bag for carrying new and used snuggs underwear, cosmetics, swimwear, and other small things.

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for carrying 2-3 snuggs underwear

reliable waterproof interior membrane

size 23x17cm with zipper closure

Color Dark green

About the product

  • Practical for carrying underwear
  • Waterproof, so ideal for packing used underwear when on the go
  • Practical size and zipper
  • When empty, it folds and doesn't take up any space
  • Machine washable
Ethically sewn in the Czech Republic from recycled nylon


In the groin area, the underwear have an integrated 3-layer textile technology that removes moisture from the skin, absorbs it, and prevents leakage.


Absorbent layer

The quick-drying fabric absorbs all moisture for your complete comfort. The layer contains antibacterial silver particles that kill 99 percent of bacteria.


Highly-absorbent substance

The hygienic layer absorbs odours. With a capacity of up to three basic pads, it is suitable for both strong and weak period days.


Impermeable membrane

The membrane does not let moisture through even after 50 wash cycles, and its breathability significantly reduces the formation of odours.